PRODUCT Level Instruments

Level Instrument

One commonest purpose of level measurement lies in continuously identifying the volume or weight of a product. Especially, with a view to ensuring the most appropriate installation and application in diverse processes, greatest efficiency is guaranteed for excellent durability as well as high reliability and accuracy for our products.

Non-Contact Radar (Pulsar - R86)

It is a non-contact level measuring instrument that is installed on the top of a vessel or a tank.
Our non-contact radar, which adopts 26GHz, has upgraded its accuracy(±3 mm) and scope of measurement(40m) with a narrower beam angle. Applicable to a high-temperature(750℉/400℃) and high-pressure (2320 psi/160 bar) process, the product registers great excellence also in terms of safety with its pre-diagnostics which scans for any abnormalities with durability and process.

Guide Wave Radar (Eclipse - 706)

Guide Wave Radar(GWR) is adopted as the basic principle for TDR(Time Domain Reflectometry) and is installed on top of a tank or a chamber. It's enhanced signal strength ensures accurate and reliable measurement in both surface level and interface. The product satisfies various customers in the world with stable measurement realized in an environment where it is ordinarily hardly applicable. It also carries the advantage that it does not require separate calibration.

Magnetic Level Indicator (Aurora) & Magnetostrictive (Jupiter - JM4)

Aurora has a unique structure that combines GWR and MLI. Two independent technologies combine to deliver more plantiful information to customers. The product delivers accurate measurements with a wide 140° indicator, unique flag, and high-performance float. It is of course applicable in a high-temperature and high-pressure condition.

JM4, a magnetostrictive transmitter, is applied in a process that requires great accuracy. Easily installed and adjusted, the product can be installed in a vessel or a tank immediately without a chamber. It can also be attached to MLI.