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We supply highly reliable, high-precision parts that have been verified on the field.

Overview of High Pressure Products

High-pressure manufacturing processes are rare in petrochemical, urea, and oil & gas industries. And the production of LDPE(Low Density Poly Ethylene) or EVA(Ethylene Vinyl Acetate) requires up to 100-360 Mpa, varying with the characteristics of products. Notably, we are producing high-presure equipment such as compressor, reactor, and cooler and all the products that connect them such as piping, valve, and control units. Through close partnership with Austria Maker, a manufacturer, we are strictly tracking our past performance by acquiring related technical data, improving specialized knowledge through training, and creating a database.

With high pressure involved, these products are under the supervision of Korea Gas Safety Corporation (KGS). The maker, BHDT, has registered its plant with KGS and enjoys quality control for smoothly supplying products to the Korean market.

Specific High Pressure Products (35 ~ 160Mpa)


The piping with the specifications can be manufactured through drilling and without undergoing autofrettage. The products are used as key parts or connectors for isometric or cooler for about 350 bar.


We make and deliver valves whose structure is designed to meet desired usage and requests from designer. We can deliver all types of valves including automatic control valve, manual valve, and large-sized gear operated valve. Safety valve requires high-pressure test and certification and needs thoroughgoing quality control.

Vessel & Cooler

They are equipment related to product reaction, or increase or decrease in temperature and pressure, and we can deliver double piping style and S. tube style.

High Pressure Products (~ 400Mpa)

High Pressure Tubes

They boast highest precision, and we deliver high-pressure products whose interior is made as sleek as possible. As the manufacturing process involving deep hole drilling, honing, end machining, and autofrettage is carried out according to preset company regulations, we guarantee high-pressure products with highest possible precision.

High Pressure Valves

We deliver valves with diverse design and various pressure limits. High-pressure valves include angle valve, check valve, control valve, and safety valve, and the quality of the manufactured valves is proven through a series of tests.

High Pressure Vessels

Possibly made to variable design, our manufactured vessels can stand pressure up to 400 Mpa. Various materials are available to meet customer-requested specifications, and we supply products that boast other extraordinary strengths such as high-pressure sealing system.

High Pressure Pump

We build test pumps including water jet pump and supply their spare parts. The products can last a high pressure up to 1,500 Mpa.