PRODUCT Reciprocating Compressor

Precess Gas Compressor

This is a horizontal type of reciprocating compressor and serves as the primary compressor at the front of hyper compressor. It is also used in petrochemical manufacturing for compressing some gases at 50 bar. It's design and operation must focus on high-pressure compression of gas and such incomplete factors as cooling and water.

Hyper Compressor

It is a kind of reciprocating compressor that is used in the manufacturing of LDPE (Low Density Poly Ethylene) or EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate). We have signed up for spare part sales & repair work for the product made in Switzerland.

Laby Compressor

It is a vertical type of reciprocating compressor and is frequently used mainly for compressing hazardous gases such as oxygen, CO, and CO2 up to 50 bar. As its piston movement involves no notable wear parts, the product boasts reduced time and cost for maintenance and repairs, unless critical issues are involved.

Engineering Service

We provide engineering service to ensure a longer life and smooth operation, helping stable operation with repairs and trouble shooting for key parts.

With a view to increasing the compressibility of our products, we provide, when necessary, services that can deliver maximum effect at a minimum cost through presenting engineering methods, conducting a study for ensuring financial profitability, providing appropriate products, and performing supervision.

Repair Work

We provide repair work for consumable parts such as check valves and packings through their overhaul, inspection, and replacement at a local factory for the purpose of maximizing economy while maintaining the same quality like new.

For inspecting product reliability, we have acquired a large quantity of measuring and testing equipment from Switzerland and provide services to steer clear of any problems in operation.